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Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

Tea Light Lanterns, Rechargeable Tea Lights, and Tea Light Lantern reviews.

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Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

Outdoor tealight lanterns can become the centerpiece of any garden, deck or patio, providing soft indirect lighting that encourages intimacy, companionship and conversation.

Tea lights lanterns were traditionally used as votive candles, but since then they have gained wide use as accent lighting and for heating scented oil. For a dramatic decorative effect tea lights are sometimes hung over water, and in some cases actually floated on it for an even more spectacular effect. With such a wide range of materials and sizes, the only limitation to their use is your imagination.

Outdoor tealight lanterns provide soft illumination rather than bright task light. They radiate just enough light for a visitor to find his way through the garden, while not detracting from the garden's beauty and serenity.

Modern resin lanterns often utilize soft electric light sources with pastel-colored bulbs that provide a dimmed effect, while traditional lanterns used oil or candles to illuminate walkways. As light sources improved, lanterns gave way to more decorative purposes, so today people choosing a lantern for its addition to the garden's beauty takes precedence over functionality as a light source in modern garden design.

Mini Outdoor Tealight Lantern

Measuring 7” high and 3” by 3” wide these matte black metal and glass lanterns are a contemporary take on an antique design, and will be perfect for creating the relaxed ambiance of a fun get-together of friends and family. The glass sides protect the flickering flame inside from stray gusts of wind and reflect the light from the candle in interesting shades and patterns. There are 50 lanterns included in this set by Kate Aspen, and pricing starts at $145.

Glass Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

These glass tea light holders come in a set of 8, with 2 holders each of 4 different available colors. The 3” diameter holders can be arranged in a variety of patterns to accentuate decorations for celebrations any time of the year. They can be bought from Amazon.com for around $10, or you can add some battery-operated LED tea light candles and buy both for under $20.

Rippled Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

Target has a set of tealight lanterns on sale for around $15 that are made from steel and textured glass and include chains for hanging. Hosts can hang these lanterns from a tree or an overhang to provide accent lighting with a soft flickering glow. Cleaning is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth, and tealight candles are sold separately.

Metal Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

The 3-tier tealight lantern features a charcoal grey wrought iron finish featuring a nice decorative design on the outer frame of the lantern. Inside there is a 3 tier tealight candle holder centerpiece, and each side of the lantern contains a pane of glass to enclose the candles. The top of this lantern is vented to allow heat to escape and minimize discoloration of the glass panes. This lantern can be used indoors or outdoors for decorative lighting poolside, as a centerpiece, or hanging from a yard stake, measures 14” high by 6-1/4” square, and weighs around 4 lbs.

Outdoor Tealight Lanterns

Crafted specifically for tea garden use, outdoor tealight lanterns were regarded by Japanese gardeners as an intrinsic part of their garden. Tealight lanterns have evolved into symbols rather than serve just as illumination, and will provide a welcome glow to any garden or outdoor party guest.