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Welcome to Rechargeable Tea Lights where you can find rechargeable tea lights and lanterns from a wide-range online stores at great prices.

Rechargeable Tea Lights

A great way to add ambience to your indoor or outdoor space is with rechargeable tea lights. These are especially great if you have pets or young children. They can be left unattended without the fear of them getting knocked over or catching the table on fire. They are much safer than regular candles!

Mr. Light Rechargeable Tea Lights

Enjoy all the beauty of candlelight without any of the dangers. This set comes with 12 frosted, glass tea light holders that hold the rechargeable LED tea lights. The glass holders are 4 inches tall and each tea light has an on/off switch on the bottom. The lights flicker to mimic an actual flame. The kit also includes a charger base and adapter. Prices start at $139 for the entire set of 12.

Mark Feldstein Rechargeable Tea Lights

This set of six rechargeable lights starts at $30. This does not include glass holders but the lights fit all standard style votives. Each LED tea light lasts up 8 hours on a single charge. They are designed to recharge over 500 times without ever overcharging. You can charge each tea light individually or all together. The set also includes the charging base and AC adapter. There are never any batteries to replace!

Viatek Rechargeable Tea Lights

This set of six tea lights starts at $26.99. The adapter plugs into the base for easy charging. Each LED tea light lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. The set includes six glass votives that measure 4.25” x 2.25”, the charger, and the tea six lights. These are great for both indoor and outdoor settings.

True Flicker Rechargeable Tea Lights

This set comes with 12 commercial quality, flameless tea lights for heavy duty use. They are great for everyday use in restaurants or for a party. They fully charge in eight hours later and last for 12 to 14 hours of service with a full charge. The amber hued flickering LED candles also come with 12 frosted, votive cups. The kit comes with one charging base, but you can link up to four bases together for easy charging. You can get about 500 recharges from the NiMH battery. The kit includes an AC charger, base, 12 tea lights, and 12 votive cups, and prices start at $149.95.

Improvements Rechargeable Tea Lights

This set of 12 tea lights illuminate with the soft yellow flicker of real candles. They charge in about six hours using the included charger tray. The tea light will remain lit for approximately 12 hours when fully charged with no batteries to change ever. The kit includes 12 tea lights and charger base for $39.99. Glass votives are not included.

Rechargeable tea lights are great to use indoors and out. They give your setting a nice ambiance with the soft, amber flickering light. They are also great for holiday decorations, like jack-o'-lanterns, because they don’t blow out in the wind. You can have all the beauty of candles with none of the dangers!