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Welcome to Tea Light Candle Holders where you will be able to locate tea light candle holders and lanterns from a wide-range of manufacturers.

Tea light Candle Holders

Tea lights are candles encased in a thin metal or plastic cover that allows the wax to completely liquefy while lit. In addition to being used as Votive candles, they often find use as fondue and food warmers, accent lighting, and for heating scented oil. For a dramatic decorative effect tea lights are sometimes floated on water.

Tea light candle holders are especially popular because of their wide range of uses. Made out of glass, metal, or ceramic, candle holders can be simple small little enclosures little bigger than the candle itself, to larger, more elaborate tea light lamps holding dozens of candles. Candle holders come in a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes and are available almost everywhere, especially in specialty candle shops.

Memorial Tea Light Candle Holders

This candle holder is a fitting sympathy gift for honoring a dear friend or loved one in a respectful and cherished manner. The candle holder is 5-1/2” square by 5” high and holds four separate tea light candles, creating a stunning multi-flame effect. As part of the cost you can add a laser engraved name, date and two-line message, quote or sentimental message, making it a welcome remembrance for family and friends. The candle holder is available online from Memorablegifts.com for around $35.

Tea Light Candle Holders - Tray

This attractive candle holder tray adds a calm and relaxing atmosphere to almost any get-together, and will serve as an ideal centerpiece for any home or office. The holder tray includes 5 glass votive holders in a variety of colors, 5 tea light candles, river rocks, and the wooden holder tray and can be purchased online for around $20.

Glass Tea Light Candler Holders

These glass tea light holders come in a set of 8, with 2 holders each of 4 different available colors. The 3” diameter holders can be arranged in a variety of patterns to accentuate decorations for celebrations any time of the year. They can be bought for around $10, or you can add some battery-operated LED tea light candles and buy both for under $20.

Tabletop Tea Light Candle Holders

Designed for tabletop or wall-mounted use, this small candle holder features a square back constructed out of MDF with a black finish and an inset mirror and small shelf in front. A clear class candle holder sits on the shelf and throws light onto the mirror, resulting in multiple reflections, increasing the welcoming glow of candlelight. The single tea light holder measures only 4-1/2” by 4-1/2” by 4” and the product includes all the hardware needed to mount it to the wall. Larger, multiple candle holders are also available with pricing starting at around $10.

Tea Light Candle Holders in a Set

The FARO tea light holder set is crafted from German-engineered stainless steel and frosted glass and brings European design, style and function to your home in an exquisite display of light. The three tea lights can be grouped together or displayed separately and makes a contemporary statement in any bathroom, dining room, living room or bedroom. The holder set is available for just $35.

Tea light candle holders allow for a subtle amount of light to fill the air and illuminate rooms with graceful flickers of candlelight, creating the perfect ambience for any setting.